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Trading MD. Wins "The Best Forex Education Provider in Moldova in 2022" - BIZ WORLD MAGAZINE

Trading MD. Wins "The Best Forex Education Provider in Moldova in 2022" - BIZ WORLD MAGAZINE The Best Forex Education Provider in Moldova in 2022 Our dear Traders, Investors and Followers, We would like to inform you that participated this year in various nominations relevant to activities in the stock exchange field and with particular pride we announce that we were selected as Winners in the "Leading Forex Education & Training Provider Moldova" category at the Awards-2022 gala , organized by BizWorld Magazine . This award is a repeated proof of the fact that the brand continues to offer the most qualitative and correct Forex Education in Moldova, according to the opinion of international financial magazines. We remind you that in previous years was also designated as: – Best Forex Education & Training Moldova – Best Forex Education & Training Moldova 2020 About BizWorld Magazine BizWorld Magazine is one of the leading C-Suite Magazine brands, headquartered in the United Kingdom. The magazine offers magazine covers, banner ads, weekly features, press promotions to 10,000 newsrooms with up-to-date news, reviews, opinions and polls on top brands from around the world. ​The research team has an average of 12 years of experience identifying, qualifying and pitching business leads. BWM reviewers and writers shed light on the most successful branding, development and growth strategies. Thanks to the team of dedicated professionals, Business World Magazine has become a reference for other companies. Grows together with is the Community of Traders and Investors from Moldova. We offer solutions and all the necessary support for people who want to develop and profit from the Financial Exchanges. Our services are primarily focused on correctly informing the population about what stock market activities mean and what are the true aspects of trading and investing in the capital market. We offer access to international financial exchanges through a list of partners-regulated brokerage companies and European banks authorized to provide stock market services, and our motto is "Transact Responsibly" Trading.MD Website link :

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